Friday, August 12, 2011

Camp Gramma goes to Colorado - part 2

Grandpa with Brooklyn and Raegan in the dining hall

Meredith Eli and Ethan

campfire night

cousin love

friendship bracelet making time

Ethan made a rock necklace

Meredith, Brooklyn, Ethan and Molly

we walked into the lodge one night and one of the boys popped out of the towel bin, one was in the trash can and Trey had hid in the recycling can...they were playing hide and go seek

Trey Dawson and Owen

On the way to Estes Park we stopped through Denver where my mom's cousin had made us a huge lunch of pulled pork sandwiches and sloppy joes so we had a picnic and the kids were able to get some energy out before we piled back in for the rest of the trip

they found a little stream to walk down and i think only 3 or 4 of the younger ones slipped and fell in ;)

meeting time. grandma would lead in songs. the kids really got into the singing!

grandma and grandpa had even gotten a banner for our meeting room!

the Seaba kids with Grandma and Grandpa

some more meeting time. i loved watching Ethan sing the song "Obedience is" he loved it and sang it with everything he had!

Uncle Roger shared once of the first nights. Uncle Phil shared one of the nights and Uncle Damon and Aunt June shared another night along with family friends Tim and Marilee Wiesner who happened to be vacationing near us at the same time. They had a life story that went right along with what the meeting was about that evening.

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