Thursday, April 22, 2010

Was it a morning like this

that a mommy lost her mind?

I wake up with a pounding headache, i didn't sleep well due to the fact we had loudly mating cats outside our window...disturbing

I begin my 15 daily times of trying to wake my soundly sleeping daughter Avery...each time my tone getting less and less patient and louder each time...and ending with threats of that she will be going to bed at 7pm!

I flip on the boy's light, that's all it takes for Trey...he get's up with no prodding

I head out to make lunches, still hollering at Avery every few minutes...finally she is up so i get all her medicine out (has consisted of 4-7 pills and 2 nasal sprays this month) and start her waffle

Ethan comes meandering out ready.!

Avery and Ethan are eating beside each other and start to fight about "mommy, avery is staring at me" back and forth in that same manner through the whole breakfast!

Time to wake the cranky one...Raegan never seems to wake happy, she fusses till she has a juice cup! I have to quickly change her cause she will soon soak through her diaper only if she hasn't already...more often than not. She is somewhat happy once she has her juice and sitting at the table waiting for her i pick her up no 15 minutes from the time i have sat her down she has soaked through her new diaper and her shorts are's a test diaper...i give that one a big fat F!

I tell Trey to brush his teeth at least 5 times...i don't think he got them brushed!

Raegan wants to be held and lot's of crying insues when put down. She also has not come to grips with the concept of "i will get that for you in a second" and Lord help me till she does!!

I say it's 8:00, time to get in the car now!

I say it's 8:05, Ethan you are going to make your brother and sister tardy if you don't get your shoes on NOW!

That's it your getting carried to the car...i told you 3 times to put your shoes on...crying!

Time to pray in the car...I say it's avery's turn...she says no i think it's your turn...ethan says it's his turn, even though he did yesterday and with that avery says oh ok it's my turn and starts praying before anyone else can get their say in.

Avery and Trey argue about brake lights, yep...brake lights!


Michelle said...

Oh, the things I have to look forward to!
But then I'm sure there are those times that they play nicely together or say something nice to one another, and it makes everything worth it! :)

Tina... said...

all before 8:05am? life can be crazy!