Sunday, April 11, 2010

Olathe half marathon

Saturday was the Olathe half- marathon that i have been training for. I don't think we could have possibly asked for better weather for the race!! I shed my long sleeves by mile 4 or 5! I bought a new watch for the race and at about mile 6 the stinkin alarm started going off and wouldn't shut off so i hit a button and completely erased and started my time over! Thankfully i was always withing sight of the 2:00 hr pacer (they carry a long stick with the pace times) so i pretty much knew how i was doing on time. I wanted so bad to break the 2 hr mark but my body just wasn't agreeing no matter how much convincing my mind was trying to do to it! You know, something like "cmon Elisa, suck it up and get moving!" But the pacer inched away...i ended up finishing in 2:02:55.

waving to my family

My husband, i can't ever accuse him of not being supportive!! He got the kids out of bed early and drug them all over olathe this morning cheering me on in about 5 different spots. He lost track of me at one point and didn't make it to the finish line till right after i finished but it sounds like Raegan had quite the stroller ride with him trying to make it there in time!

mile 9...just two more miles Elisa and you will feel like barfing...oh i'm sorry, is that gross?

my mom happened to be in town for something else and came out to watch me finish! it was such an encouragement to know she was going to be at the finish line. she is where i get my love of running from! and...brian, the guy in red to the right (yea the one passing me) is from our small group. we must have been running pretty close the whole time and finished within seconds of each other
my supportive kiddos that cheered me on, i loved seeing them on the route!
my sister Julie, me and my mom who came out to cheer me on, thanks guys! (do you think i could cram any more food in my hand??)
i love this little handy thing they printed out for people like me who don't know how to run their watch so that we can know our official time and pace!
Ethan was hugging my leg after i finished, very sweet!

I'm glad it's over but i am ready to start training for the next one. I really want to focus on some shorter distances this summer and try to improve my time. I have once again got race fever!


Val said...

Way to go! You are so inspiring to me! I know you wanted to come in at under 2 hours, but have you ever stopped to think that you, a human, actually ran for 2+ hours??? That's super-hero stuff... =)

I'd love to run a 1/2 with you the next time we furlough. 2 more years - that should give me adequate training time. =)

I love your pictures! It gives me race fever too. =)

Val said...
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John and Elisa Seaba said...

Thanks Val, we have to do one together, that would be so fun!! plan on it!!

Marilee We Roll Along said...

Congrats,Elisa! What an accomplishment! So very, very proud of you!!