Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here are a few tidbits...

Johnny- keeping very busy with work. his company is extremely busy which is great! He is beginning another project. The pavers that we purchased for our back patio last year did not get laid last summer so that is something he is wanting to get done so that we have our little fenced patio area complete! He is getting ready to celebrate his 36th birthday next week...i can always give him a hard time cause i' always younger than a few months!

Me- working lots and running lots. Going to do a 5k in May and then probably another half marathon in June. Getting so excited for lot's of visits to Worlds of fun/ Oceans of fun (we have our season passes) and looking forward to spending lot's of lazy days at the pool this summer. In the middle of a diaper study with Raegan and then i should probably start potty training her...uuug! The thought of being done buying diapers is about the only motivation i have for that!

Trey- is playing soccer with his buddies again through Upwards. He is growing like a weed and is very proud that he is catching me. He has pulled his math grade up a letter this last quarter so he was and should be very proud of himself! He is looking forward to going to summer camp for the first time this summer. He excited but yet nervous about starting middle school this next fall. He is going on another field trip there this month and get's to eat lunch there which he thinks is pretty cool...i'm sure he will get all the "fun" food!

Avery- is playing soccer with two of her friends through Upwards as well, she loves it! She is having a rough allergy season and missed one day of school this week because of them. We are trying a whole new regimen of meds and going back to weekly shots temporarily to hopefully help her. Since she had to go to the nurse a couple of times yesterday to have her eyes irrigated they are keeping her in at recess the rest of this week (counts are supposed to be very high the rest of this week) so she goes to the office and reads during her recesses. She doesn't seem to mind one bit, she's sick of holding a washcloth on her eyes. She is still waiting on mommy to get moving on her pink room...hopefully soon! She asked for several days to have a certain thing in her lunch on "cold lunch" days and mommy would forget, so this is what i found on the counter one night after she went to bed...

Ethan- asks 250 questions a day! i'm exagerating but i wouldn't doubt at all if that is close. He naps really good some days and then other days he will come out after 30 minutes and say he woke up and then asks how i know he didn't sleep. He my little picky eater has turned into a little piggie (most of the time) We crack up watching him eat/ shoving it in. His favorite is "soft meat" aka: salsbury steaks. When he sees me cooking that and mashed potatoes he get's all excited and says "oh mommy you made soft meat, yay!" He still balks at any and all other meat he has to chew too much. He is very excited to go to Worlds of fun...he will be spending lot's of hours at Camp Snoopy this summer!

Raegan- has done awesome in her toddler bed pretty much from day one. Wasn't the battle i thought it might be. We have had to discipline a few times but not too many. She is on Orapred right now because her eczema was really flared on one of her legs but i'm very happy that this time it hasn't seemed to affect her sleep like last time! (she was like a wired energizer bunny that wouldn't stop last time) he gave her a lower dose because i told him what happened last time, so i guess it has helped. She has had a raspy voice and i mentioned this to the allergist. We will be going to see an ent if it remains the same after 2 months of increased allergy meds. She continues to wear her momma out being independent and wanting to do everything herself in her OWN time. She is starting into the stage of picky eating. A lot of things that she used to eat she will now not touch, such is the life of a 2-4 yr old i have learned through the years! Oh yea, and she has done awesome with her ear tubes!! no ear pain, no antibiotics for months...this after being on antibiotic once to twice a month for life makes for a happy momma!

Hope you are all having a great week!

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