Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Dinner

Johnny turned 36 yesterday! He is now "a year older" than me for the next 3 and half months, i have that long to rile him about being an old man!

We had a busy evening of soccer practices so we had a late dinner after at Spin Pizza. It was our first time there...really good pizza!

I took Raegan to the dr yesterday and she had strep so we are hoping and crossing our fingers and toes that it doesn't spread throughout the family!! She took the shot with a lot of screaming and informs everyone she "got a shot", even the guy trying to tell us about the pizza got interrrupted with "hey, i got a shot!" She did great for daddy's dinner but then was ready for some more motrin by the time we got home!

Happy Birthday Babe, hope you had a good one!

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