Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Education Celebration

Last night was "education celebration" so Trey, Raegan and I skipped out of Trey's soccer practice and headed to school while Daddy, Ethan and Avery went to her practice. The 5th and 6th grades strings, band and chorus were all giving performances in the gym. Strings was first thank goodness (for raegan's sake and my sanity) I didn't get any good pictures during the performance since he was in the back row. He has chosen to continue on with playing the viola in middle school as well so has signed up to take 6th grade strings. Speaking of middle school, today they had a field trip to the middle school and got to eat lunch there. I believe Trey used up his entire lunch balance that he had on his account all on today's hut pizza, gatorade, beef jerky, chocolate cupcake...his words of middle school lunch choices..."awesome" we will be setting some limits next year but i told him to have fun and get what he wanted today. He said he did pretty good practicing with the locker combinations, something he has been a little worried about so that set his mind at ease a little. He is excited and told me today "i am growing up" just in case i hadn't noticed!!

we checked out the classrooms as they had lot's of the kids' items on display for the parents to see.

Today i took Avery out of school early to revisit the audiologist to get her ear re-checked. Her left ear that compensates for her right ear (that she has hearing loss in) has had a flat tympanogram (she has fluid in her ears) with hearing loss for several months now. Her allergist put her on a 20 day antibiotic to hopefully clear up anything in there but at todays visit it remained the same...frustrating! The audiologist would like us to consult with an ent. It wouldn't be as big of a deal if she didn't have hearing loss in the other ear but since her left one is her "good" one and she is not hearing as well out of that one now she thinks it is "not something we should wait out". I'm not sure if they are going to want to do tubes but that is just what i am expecting them to say but we will see, hopefully not. Hopefully we can get it resolved without that but i'm not sure how.

I grabbed my camera and went into the back yard to grab a couple of pictures of the kids swinging. They were not swinging...i gulped and then took a picture...

she's is being quite the example for those two little if they need any more ideas! They were right there with her thinking she was the coolest big sister ever.

If you are friends with me on facebook, you have probably heard me whining this week. This girl has been giving me a run for my money...just purely exhausting me...i love her to pieces but she is a handful...

We did mow all that long grass after i took these pictures. I got the front done and as soon as i started the back the mower blew up...well, not literally but it stopped working and was smoking so it may as well have. Thankfully we have a really nice neighbor down the street that has a riding mower and came and whipped out our back lawn in no time flat.

I'm trying to kill time. I am staying up till almost midnight to try to win a toy off ebay for Trey that he has put a bid on. He has been checking it non. stop! I have got to win this thing so that my ear can have a breather...14 hrs mommy, 12 hrs mommy, 4 hrs 15 minutes, 3 hrs 24 minutes...

Hope your having a great week!

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