Thursday, April 08, 2010

Deana Rose

The two little ones and i went to Deana Rose farmstead with a friend from our small group and her little guy. It was pretty chilly but was starting to warm up about the time we were heading out to go home. We didn't stay very long today because i have to take Avery to her allergy appointment this afternoon...which means naps are a big necessity! Of course because of the necessity of them, that means that more than likely the kids won't fall asleep...that's somehow just how it goes around here it seems!

Here was our morning...

I bought two bottles for them to feed the goats, ethan handed raegan the bottle and said "here's your bottle raegan" to which raegan replied "oh thanks ethan" and stuck it right in her mouth!! i yanked it out ever so quickly, but gross!!

ethan wanted to feed the baby ones and would get mad at the big ones for hogging the milk

raegan, unlike her momma as a little girl was not afraid of the goats. all three of these goats were going after her bottle and she smacked one and said "NO goat, you are not taking turns!!" she scolded them several times.

ethan loved riding the john deer tractor

We had a fun morning. It has grown quite a bit since i went last. I'm anxious to take the older kids too, i think they will really enjoy it!


Don and Roberta Graber said...

You gave us a good laugh - Raegan and and the bottle, and scolding the goats.

Val said...

So funny! I loved the story about Raegan scolding the goats for not taking turns. so cute!!