Friday, September 18, 2009

Throwin out the carpet

i started pulling the edges of the carpet up and pulling staples and by afternoon i had found a tool to rip the carpet out and by the time johnny got home from work had all the carpet out except for under the dresser and almost all staples pulled. my hands were so sore and had blisters (i know, whine whine) so i made him finish the staples that were left.
Align Centerhe had a few areas that needed to be touched up with the sander, but we had sanded this room before we decided to put carpet down when we moved in, so it wasn't too bad.
all sanded and cleaned and ready to polish!
putting the polish on
this is what my room looks like and the rest of the house is a mess too. i don't do well with my house in disaray! i want it done and everything put back in place but that won't happen till we get one more coat on and it can dry. awww, that can't happen fast enough!

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Val said...

Looks great! I know, I hate stuff being out of place while waiting for paint to dry! =)