Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'd rather be reading

My friend Tina, recently reminded me of Avery reading on the sidelines DURING she and Emma's soccer game this last spring. I was looking through pictures today and found it.

As she get's older, i don't think her coaches will really go for the "catching a chapter while i'm not in the game".

I do love seeing her with a book in her hand though, she usually has one with her all of the time. You won't hear me complaining. Although we may need to tell her their is a time not to get engrossed in a book, but for now i love seeing her kicking back, not another care in the world engrossed in a chapter of "the boxcar children"! I only wish i had or made the time myself to do this!


Val said...

That's great that she's such a reader! I love that she's reading on the sidelines. My sister used to sit down and make dandelion necklaces while she was IN the game. =)

Barbie Wilson said...

It's great that she loves to read! The Boxcar children books are good books.

The Rutledges..... said...

It was so see her sitting there reading in her chair. That's great that she enjoys it so much!