Monday, September 21, 2009

This and that

Another crazy Monday has come and almost gone. Since i work on the weekends my Mondays are usually spent playing catch up. Today was no different. I know i'm tired when i sit down after the kids are down for their naps and try to watch one 30 minute show and fall asleep and wake up an hr and half later! It felt great though!

Avery has been having trouble with her face breaking out (blotchy and irritated) so i talked to the nurse when i was at work tonight and they think she may need to go back to weekly shots for awhile. Not exactly what i want to do, but if it will help her it will be worth it.

Trying to put 4 kids to bed sometimes feels like you are trying to get a zoo put to bed! Not that i've ever put zoo animals to bed...just guessing.

Johnny has been working lot's of extra hours. We consider it a blessing and an answer to prayer. I try to keep a good attitude when having to do things on my own, though i find myself antsy sometimes wishing he would hurry up and get home.

Raegan told me "ear hoot" and then when i ask which one she points to one ear and then the other...we may be taking another trip to the doctor.

I am looking forward to running a half-marathon with my Mom and my 3 sisters next month! I am so proud of my Mom, she has been doing awesome with her training...can't wait to cross the line all together!

Do you know how many hangers are in your children's closet? I've been switching to adult hangers for my two oldest and MY WORD...i keep having to go back to get more and more...Johnny asked last night "good grief, how many hangers do we need?"...we now have a bazillion or pretty close baby hangers in the garage.

This is a very miscellaneous post!

Goodnight, i'm going to go kiss each one of my zoo animals sweet little cheeks and hit the hay...or wait i forgot, i'm not in a zoo...i will hit the pillow! Lame, i know

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The Rutledges..... said...

I like the "this and that" posts. I'm sorry that Avery may be facing more shots...and hoping that Reagan's poor little ears give her (and you) a break. My goodness. BTW....I LOVE the changes that you've made with your blog. It looks really nice. See you chop off that "pony". Take care.