Saturday, September 19, 2009

All back in place

We decided against putting another coat for the time being so when the kids and i got home from jog a thon yesterday i went to town getting things back in the girls' room! Johnny called and told me he would be working late so i even tackled (with trey and avery's help) putting Avery's bed together. They were all moved in before we went to Trey's football game last night and my house is back in order...i can breathe again :)

Next step for the room is- border is coming down and new paint going up and a much anticipated (avery) fuzzy pink area rug! I think we will take a week or two off though!


Barbie Wilson said...

Wow, Elisa! You are an ambitious person! Looks like your hard work paid off, though. Your house will really look nice when it's all finished. (Not to mention it really looks nice now--from what you've posted in pictures LOL)

Don and Roberta Graber said...

It is looking very nice. The hard work has paid off.

The Rutledges..... said...

The rooms look great!! I can't get over how much bigger they look without the carpet. Way to go! I think you need a break now. LOL.