Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor day

We went swimming at my brother's on Labor Day. The last swim of the season! I put arm wings and a life jacket on Raegan and let her roam free. She floated around the pool happy as could be most of the day.

I used the same reusable swim diaper all summer with no poop accidents but she decided to go out on a bang and do a doozy for me the last time we used it...maybe next year we won't be using swim diapers anymore...hmmm, that is a possibility! All of that to say, i didn't realize what was lurking in the swim diaper when i was sitting back and watching her wear Ethan's underpants that he had brought to wear after swimming... i about gagged when i went to put them on him later...oh the stench!

As for the slide picture, she meandered over to the slide and i saw her climbing the ladder, we all acted like we didn't see her but when she got to the top and i realized that she was going to go Daddy jumped in the water to make the save at the bottom, knowing that she had no clue what she was in for. My sister was quick and grabbed a picture with her phone. She didn't want to go down again ever!

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