Monday, September 07, 2009

One room at a time

We are ripping out the carpet in our house one room at a time. Ours was the first to go and then on Saturday we tackled the boys room. Five plus hours of pulling staples, scrubbing, and organizing and the boys had a "new" room. They love it! I was happy to get rid of the stained carpet and am thankful that we have hardwoods underneath! We have only one room in the house left that has carpet, and that would be the girls room. We are going to be tackling that in a couple of weeks. We left it for last because it is going to be a bit of a bigger project as we had sanded their floor when we moved in and then decided to we will be having to sand and polish the floor so it will more than likely be a several day project. Avery is ready for us to get busy though...she wants hardwoods!


Crystal said...

Beautiful floors!!! Awesome job.

June said...

Looks really nice!