Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wait, i think i have the answer...

video video

Johnny's blood pressure was high at an appointment last week after we got home from vacation...i may have just discovered the culprit! :) Although if that was really the cause they probably would have had to rush me to the er for mine...The day before we had had a nice sound track on the way home from vacation. Trey was trying hard to find anything to get her to shut up...but obviously to no avail. The second video was actually taken first...i decided to add it and before you thing my husband has gone COMPLETELY nuts he was yelling out his window to his parents that were stopped right beside us driving home with us :) I decided to add it cause it makes me laugh!

Our lovely little angel continued this wonderful behavior for almost 2 hrs give or take a few. The only thing that got her to settle down was me handing her my coke! Go figure!

oh yea, and sorry about the sideways...can't figure out how to turn video clips.

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Paula said...

I watched these with Abigail. She just couldn't understand why Raegan was crying. LOL Was that Johnny shouting in the background?? Too funny