Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Karts and Ducks

Avery rode with Mommy
i think Ethan thought he really turned into Batman while riding this ride
Trey was so excited about riding the go karts
Ethan would have loved them too but settled for riding

Avery liked Daddy's wild driving
and then there were the Ducks
Raegan quickly figured out how to make lot's of noise!

they let the kids take a turn at driving while on the water
lookin like a pro
boy that captain was brave
they give lot's of war information on the tour and have old war vehicles...this was especially interesting for Trey, he LOVES history!

We were going to let Avery drive the rookie go Karts until we went and got in line and watched two drivers shoot right through the stopping point and three others crash hard right in front of us. Daddy grabbed Avery's hand and said "sorry Avery, your not going in there" and Avery at that point didn't want to anymore...maybe next year!

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Paula said...

I like that duck ride too! :)