Sunday, July 05, 2009

Silver Dollar City

Ethan was ecstatic he was tall enough to ride fire in the hole!
wandering around waiting for the rest of the family to come out of fire in the hole
once again watching the big kids ride
everyone riding the kiddie roller coaster with Ethan
heading back in to the park after lunch-waiting for the tram

waiting in line for the saloon show
the girl in the purple dress came out and made all over Ethan during the show playing with his hair and singing to him...i wish SO bad i had gotten a picture...he was embarrassed but i think he liked it...he would just grin when we teased him about it.
Avery's favorite ride!!
Trey's favorite ride!!
daddy is certainly not putting bark in avery's shoes to try to make her taller is he?? she was only about a half inch too short and actually was let on the ride but then had to get back off and was VERY sad!
ethan's favorite in the hole!!
raegan was only big enough to ride one ride so this was her favorite pose...peering through bars!
after taking on about 10 people and their water guns in geyser gulch, the little man was soaked
avery waited two days to ride the american plunge...johnny and i both hate getting soaked and walking around wet so it had to be the last ride and guess who got to take the kids...of course mommy!

We went to Silver Dollar City on Monday and Wednesday. We had an absolutely fabulous time!! I have very fond memories of going to the park as a kid, so it was so fun watching my kids there and seeing them enjoy the same things. There were not bad lines at all...usually 10 minutes or less so that was nice for the one of us that had to wait with the two little ones each time.

Every time we heard the train after going on the train ride Ethan would say "that's the robber train" cause they do a little act with train robbers.

It was an all around great time and we can't wait to take the kids back next year so that Avery can ride the Wildfire!


June said...

The same girl in the saloon did that to Eli during the show. Rachel got it on video and I took pictures. He was so embarrassed. It was hilarious.

When Molly had to peer through the gate at rides like Raegan she would say "I don't want to be in jail again, mommy".

It brings back lots of childhood memories there doesn't it? It looks like you had fun.

Barbie Wilson said...

Looks like you had a great vacation! I read all of your posts and didn't know which one to comment on =) Silver Dollar city sounds like lots of fun. Chase has memories of riding "Fire in the Hole". Your hotel room looked nice!

PamperingBeki said...

We have season passes to SDC and haven't been yet this year! I'm hoping to go in the fall.