Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A calm

i'm going to own one in every color!
shirt, skirt can work as both mom, see?
this is what happens when you have the girls hamper right close to her bed...they are Avery's shorts she has on her head.

Ever since we finally took the bottle from our dear sweet angel she has turned into a holy terror at night time. Screaming fits that just about had us digging the bottles out of the cupboards...johnny and i both had near set backs of pulling the bottles out but we stuck with it cause let's face it, she can't take her bottle to kindergarten with her. We would give her a sippy cup and she would scream and throw it out of bed (yes, holy terror).

Naps have gone much like night time, so much so that i have intentionally skipped them some days because of the battle they were.

AND THEN we discovered the Nuby sport sipper (insert choir singing hallelujah) a sippy cup sitting in our cupboard all of Ethan's never used but once. I tell ya, this thing is a bottle disguised as a sippy!!

It took some readjusting but we are back to her happily going to bed and getting tucked in... NO SCREAMING, it's wonderful!

And though there is no screaming there is often times a bit of play before she settles down to sleep...that i can deal with!


The Rutledges..... said...

Well, that was Will's "secret" bottle!! LOL. It is a sippy cup disguised as a bottle. It worked for him too. I can feel not only your pain...but now your joy! So glad she's discovered her new "source of comfort". :)

John & Elisa Seaba said...

That is so funny Tina! I know you and my mom, who had the "ultimate bottle baby" yea that would be me :)

Barbie Wilson said...

Great that you found something that worked for her! I'm sure you are really relieved =)