Friday, July 17, 2009

Exploration Place and more

Raegan's favorite thing at Exploration Place...she would have stayed on all day if she could
the vet area was a big hit too!

dinner inside one night because it was SO hot!! Good thing my parents have a humongous table!
taking a little time to show off some muscles to cousin Eli
Ethan LOVED swimming with Uncle Greg!

cleaning off the ice cream and dirt
Grandpa and Uncle Greg took the boys fishing i tagged along for....moral support?? It for sure wasn't to bait hooks and the one time i tried to help Trevin cast his line i got it stuck in a tree...he just grinned...guess i need to practice up on my fishing.
Grandpa spent the entire time baiting hook after hook after hook

the crew that went fishing
Trey at one point said "that's it, it's Trey versus fish and Trey is going to win" won.

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