Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another year at the thrill park

For a couple of years in a row we bought season passes to World's of Fun. Last year we decided to take the year off and not get them so this Spring the kids were pretty pumped to be able to get passes again. 
As soon as we started talking about it Ethan had me measure him to see if he would be tall enough to ride the Mamba. He has wanted to ride that thing for soo long!
But, he still isn't too big for some Camp Snoopy lovin...

I love this picture because Ethan has a little blue blankie that he has loved to shreds (literally)! For family that has seen it...He just put it up on the shelf this past weekend and has claimed another blanket to sleep with with some convincing from Daddy! 

Daddy spun them till i think they all felt like throwing up! This is why i do not ride this ride nor any other spinning ride at the park!

And then it was time for the big ride! Mommy got the honors of going on his first ride with him! Let me tell you, i wish i could have had a video of him riding it! He screamed at the top of his lungs "This is Awesome!" the whole time! It was proven right then and there that he is another thrill seeker! 

This picture depicts his excitement ...

So, another summer of thrill seeking rides has begun. The older i get, the less i can handle the rides and all the motion! Although i did ride the front seat of the Mamba last night and screamed my head off feeling like i was going to fly right out of the ride!

For vacation this year we plan to head to Ohio to ride some even bigger rides at King's Island and Cedar Point so i better get my game face on!


Our Plain Life said...

Love the picture after the spinning ride! Way to go Ethan! What a fun day!

June Duehring said...

Do they have cheap days for friends this year? Let me know because Maggie is dying to go again. :)