Monday, June 17, 2013

Taking off the training wheels

In May, Ethan had had enough with training wheels! The kids do not ride their bikes very often because we really do not have the best street for it so we just hadn't really pushed him learning. I promised him that the first night i didn't have to work i would take him to the same parking lot where Trey and Avery both learned to ride their bikes.

So, finally i had a free night...Daddy was busy working on a side job (he usually does all the bike training) so it was up to me. I ran beside him just a couple of times and then he just took off. For another hour he just worked on getting the bike going...that was the most difficult part for him and he got really mad at one point but after and 10 times or so he got the hang of it and was flying around the parking lot like an old pro!

It just amazes me how little kids can pick it up so easy! He zips around like he has been riding for months! Way to stick with it Ethan! You were a determined little guy out there learning!
I have to say running beside and then letting go and letting him take off was scary for me but that is just as it is with life. Someday these kids are all going to take off on their own and we are going to probably feel that same feeling as they take off in this life...hoping and praying that they do just fine. Just reminds me to pray often for my kids and for the paths that they take in life!

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Our Plain Life said...

Way to go Ethan!!