Thursday, May 16, 2013

Middle school track

Trey and Avery both ran track this Spring. Spring? Did we have a Spring? It was a pretty chilly track season! The poor 6th graders had a heck of a time getting their meets. They had their first one and then the next 2 were canceled. They were able to make up one of them but not the other. They did get lots of practice time in though!

Avery started out running the mile and the 800 but decided she did not like the mile so much!

Trey ran the mile and the 800. He and Austin went back and forth in who would beat each other. Trey would usually beat him at the mile and Austin would beat Trey at the 800.

This was the coldest meet of the season! Miserable, rainy cold! I felt so bad for the kids! By the end of the meet kids were running in their hoodies!

Here is Trey and Austin racing it out again!

Avery ended up doing the 100 meter dash which she really liked so next year i'm betting she will be doing some of the sprinting distances.

Trey made it to the city meet this year but as an alternate. (They take 2 runners and one alternate) His fastest mile time he got down to 5:50. The kid he trained with and who one every meet was from his school and won city with a 4:54!! Yea, amazing for 8th grade i would say!

After a cold track season the day of the city meet was sunny and warm! If i only had pictures of all the kids and their sunburns that they were posting on Instagram. Needless to say No one used enough if any sunscreen including this Mama!

Avery also did a really which she really enjoyed too!

They both did a great job and worked very hard. Trey really pushed himself this year and i can tell the whole pacing thing is clicking with him! Trey is going to go to the high school cross country camp this summer and plans to run cross country, track and possibly try out swimming next year for high school. High school?? How can that possibly be??

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Katie said...

Awww, I love track! Congrats to Trey making the city meet. That's impressive!