Thursday, May 16, 2013


Avery has been taking tumbling for the past couple of years. She switched to gymnastics for about 6 months of that time but soon decided that it was the tumbling part of it that she enjoyed so went back to tumbling. She just recently passed to advanced tumbling so will be starting in the advanced class this summer.

She is always out flipping around on the trampoline. This was one of the last things she mastered...i can't remember what it is called but she has to do it without her hands and that is what she had the most trouble with, but she got it!

I am so behind on blogging and would probably just give up if it wasn't for the fact that this is my kids future "scrapbook". So, that alone keeps me plugging along. Since i am a list person, i at least made a list today of the blogs i need to do to catch up...that is a step in the right direction, ha!

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Barbie said...

Great job, Avery! It's awesome that you were able to capture her in action.