Monday, April 30, 2012

Track season is officially over. For his 7th grade year Trey ran the mile and the 800 meter distance. He wanted to stay away from the sprinting because that was harder on his knees.

He did a great job!

 His fastest mile time this season was 6:11 and his fastest 800m was 2:50. Fantastic job Trey! We are proud of you!

 His last 800m of the season he caught three of his buds and they all finished together. He has one more physical therapy session tomorrow for his knees and then we will go just on an as needed basis. He had a little more flexibility the last visit because of all the stretches so hopefully tomorrow will be some improvement as well.

Loved cheering him on on the sidelines and can't wait to do it many more times in the future!

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Val said...

Way to go Trey! Those are some aweseome times. To be honest, that mile time makes me sick. :)