Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog much?

Blogging has very obviously taken a bit of a backseat lately for me. I just can't seem to get them done. So to update a little on what's been happening in our lives lately...

Trey has been going to physical therapy and seems to be doing a little better with the knee pain. Some days are worse than others. He is finishing up his track season with his two final meets this week and next. He runs the mile and the 800 meter. I will do his own post with pictures later.  He is also playing basketball again and they are doing really well. He recently just endured what he thought might be the worst punishment ever. We took him to the Christian book store and picked out a book that he had to read and then do a book report on. is attitude has been amazing the last couple of weeks :)

Avery is not a morning person to say the least! This is how everyone is at the table in the mornings!

 Avery was thrilled to find out that her transfer request was approved this past Friday! After calling and checking on it since we hadn't heard anything we found out it had disappeared somewhere along the line so we had to start the whole process over. They expedited the process and were so king to actually call me last Friday to let me know that it had been approved instead of us having to wait till this week for the letter in the mail. She is super excited to head on to middle school with her friends. We are thankful for this answer to prayer. We didn't know for sure how he would answer it but are pleased with the outcome!

John celebrated his 38th birthday on Friday. since i was running the next morning we celebrated on Saturday night gorging ourselves at The Outback and spending the night on a little getaway to a hotel for the night. That cheesecake by the way was the yummiest cheesecake i have had in a long time!

I am trying to keep up with my calendar! It seems the closer to the end of school we get, the more things are filling up the calendar! Summer break is just around the corner but first we have lot's of things to attend, accomplish, finish up, study for, sign...the list goes on and on! The pool is calling my name!!


Katie said...

Funny picture of Avery! I know that feeling :~) Congratulations on getting your transfer approved

Elisa Seaba said...

Thanks Katie!