Friday, April 27, 2012

Our "babies" playdate

My sister and i took advantage of some beautiful weather to take our "babies" to Deana Rose Farmstead. We are both sending off our youngest to kindergarten next year so our free days with them will soon come to an end. It seems like just yesterday we were doing these kinds of things with our oldest kids when they were little and if i looked back i would probably have very similar pictures of the older ones with their cousins.

Brooklyn and Raegan are pretty good buds and can't wait to hang out at the pool this summer but for now they were practicing up their driving skills...

 they each took a pony ride which might just have inspired Raegan to request a pony the next day!

 Number one on her want to do list was to feed the baby goats their bottles. They were in a different pen so they were able to feed them from outside the fence.

 We then moved on to the larger goats...not the largest but larger. I snapped this picture after yanking Raegan back up off the ground when the goats all jumped on her and knocked her to the ground. She was still wiping her hands off and it didn't even seem to phase her.She did not get that from her mother, i was ready to get out of the pen!

 love these two sweeties!

After picking out some candy from the General store we called it a day!

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Val said...

That place looks FUN! We'll have to check it out. Wow, all your kiddos will be in school next year. You'll have to blog about all the fun things you can do with your days!