Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Working till at least 12:30 am Saturday nights makes for a pretty sleepy and sometimes grumpy mama on Sunday mornings. I quickly determined our normal pictures before church just were not a good idea and decided we would get them later!

After enjoying an amazing Sunday service we decided to stop by a park that is right by our church and snap some pictures...

the kids were mostly cooperative...they are learning to give in to mom's picture taking sessions and i think they know the more they cooperate the sooner it will be over!

these hanging from a tree pictures were totally the kids idea...i always knew they belonged in the zoo!

After church we went out to Grandpa and Grandma Seaba's for lunch and egg hunt

gave the little ones a 30 second head start

some of the eggs had money in them...the kids love candy but let me tell ya they were on the hunt for the eggs with money!

and then it was time to check out all the loot!

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

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