Monday, June 27, 2011

A little history

We went to Iowa over the weekend for a Neir family reunion. My dad grew up on a farm in Iowa. This was the farm land that he lived on when he was in high school. The house is gone but this barn still stands...

We went to Marcus and visited my grandparents graves

My Grandpa and Grandma Neir (George and Alice)

These two stones are my grandmother's (alice) parent's. They both came from Sweden as teenagers not knowing each other and then later met and married.

Learned a lot of family history this weekend. Neat to hear stories and visit places that my dad lived when he was a boy. Thankful for the Christian grandparents and great grandparents that gave me a godly heritage that i can pass on to my children and i pray they will pass on to their children someday!


Katie said...

That is a neat story. Thanks for sharing some history!

Journaling My Journey said...

Thanks for the post Lisa! Good memories

grammaneir said...

It was a fun weekend and I love how you take advantage of the chance to get a new picture for your blog. Thanks for coming with us and making the weekend more special.