Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I believe that God uses angels to help protect children or any of us for that matter. Yesterday i believe was one of those days they were protected. Daddy was charging his motorcycle's battery because someone was going to come look at it to see about fixing something that is wrong with it. Daddy was cleaning out the garage so was letting them sit on it while he was out there. He went inside to do some things and the kids got back on the bike. Ethan got up on it and jumped off (according to ethan) and then Raegan climbed off and then it fell over. Thankfully, the opposite way than the kids had just gotten off so it didn't touch them. It broke the blinker and scratched a couple of things up but Daddy didn't even care...he was just so thankful the kids were not hurt! I had taken this picture before any of this happened...

We have gone to the pool two days in a row and the kids are just getting wiped out! Last night Raegan wanted to sleep in Ethan's bed so i said "the first time you guys are messing around and not going to sleep raegan has to go to her bed" I never heard anything and so went in after awhile and they were OUT!

Ethan learned to write his name within the last 6 months or so, you know getting ready for kindergarten....we had to get after him and tell him we were proud of him that he could write his name but that he wasn't allowed to write it in permanent marker on the walls, appliances or anywhere but paper...but as you can see, he labeled his wall before our little speech.

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grammaneir said...

Whew! So glad no one was hurt. Looks like the pool helps them go to sleep quickly.