Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fish and goats and maybe some kids too

We met some friends at the farmstead last week. We spent a loong time fishing...i think the worms were multiplying in the bucket for goodness sakes! Trey agreed to do all the worming of the hooks and taking fish off the hooks, but i don't think he realized just quite how many he would be doing. An older guy that was there with his grandson must have really enjoyed helping kids catch fish so he joined trey in helping worm hooks and putting the kids in the right spots to catch one and even went so far as to hook a fish, throw it in the water on the hook and have Ethan pull it in. Ethan was ecstatic..."i caught another one!!" My non-existent mad fishing skills must have been shining through that morning, ha!

former small group fun to get together!

watching Ethan try to get a tractor (forgot to mention all of KC was at the farmstead this day) was comical. I felt so bad but tried to let him fight it out on his own. He would run to get one to either have it be broken, have a bum tire or get beat by another kid. It didn't help that a few select kids were being fed their lunch piece by piece while doing the indy 500 on the tractors

Raegan and the goats. I may be an easily amused mom but i could watch her feed goats all day. She is such a sassy thing anyway and watching her boss them around, get after them and go for the baby ones is just so sweet and funny at the same time in my mommy eyes

I've got this goat feeding thing down mommy...

I always laugh a little thinking about the first time we bought a bottle to feed the goats with Raegan. It hadn't been that long since she had FINALLY given up her own bottle and as soon as i handed it to her she stuck it straight in her mouth. Thankfully we don't have to worry about that anymore! :)

Oh and i started a new blog for all things related to running if you want to come over and visit me over there too at Mama On The Run

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