Friday, June 10, 2011

Final Mexico post

We decided not to do any full day excursions as we didn't want one of our days to be used up. We just wanted to relax at the resort. Johnny went scuba diving for most of the day on Monday. He did two dives and loved it.

johnny picked another winner of a salad yet again...

the cocoon hammock

i was so looking forward to taking a nap in the hammocks that i saw on their website and so nap i did, although after the day of the heavy rains they had taken them down and when they were put back up they seemed really low to the ground...

We went on a tour bus to Playa Del Carmen to go shopping. We had 3 hours to shop which sounds like a lot but it went very fast. Johnny got asked if he wanted a "bump" to which he replied "what's a bump?" the guy said "cocaine man, you live a sheltered life!" We moved quickly away from that guy!

We walked down to the beach and could see Cozumel. We found some really pretty shells in this area and i just had to get a picture by this car for Avery. She loves slugbugs, and this was one unique slug bug! :)

We were sad to say goodbye to the Caribbean! We will go back for sure someday if we get the chance!


Tina... said...

These are GREAT pics!!! I am so jealous!! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time...even when it rained. So glad you were able to go and enjoy your time...kid free and on the beach. :)

Val said...

I LOVE YOUR MEXICO POSTS!!! It makes me so excited for our 10-year-anniversary trip next year. =)

* Johnny's salad pictures crack me up.

* You look SO tan! Nice. =)

* I love the sand drawing pics.

* The hammocks are fun! It made me relax just hearing you talk about napping in them.

* Your experience on stage was hysterical!

* You guys looks so cute and in love! So glad you had a great trip!

Val said...
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grammaneir said...

Looks like you had a fun time and you both are tan as can be. Great pictures! Glad you could get away and relax.