Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Starting Shots

Avery had an appt with a new allergist yesterday afternoon. I'm switching them over to specialists at the dr office where i work because i just recently realized that we do not have to pay copays for specialist visits either (we never have had to for reg visits but assumed we did with specialists). As much as we have to visit the dr $35 a pop can add up quickly and i was worried about being able to afford allergy shots, thus the switch... Anyway, the allergist wants to get her started on the shots within the next week or two. She is doing awesome on her meds for her asthma right now and (knocking on wood as i say this) we haven't had to do a breathing treatment in over a month now, and have had NO coughing at night!! That is huge! I am picking up a peak flow meter at the pharmacy this afternoon that they ordered for her. They want us to do a test daily and record all of her symptoms daily to keep track of her breathing patterns. This allergist is optimistic that the injections will help her eczema and not aggrivate it, which has been mentioned to us as a concern in the past. She actually is doing pretty well with the eczema right now, but has one ankle that she is severe right now and just getting over an infection on that ankle. For the first year she will go once a week and get an injection in each arm, and then the 2nd yr hopefully only every other week and so on...the goal being to get her to be able to function without being on all her meds!! She is actually excited to start the shots, because she knows that this may help her. We have hopes that this will really help her and that someday she may be able to play outside without coming inside because she is miserable!!


Jen Dixon said...

I am so glad to hear that Avery has some hope of relief for her horrible allergies!!!! What a blessing! And that is WONDERFUL that she hasn't had to have a breathing treatment in over a month! Praise the Lord!!!

Paula said...

I am praying that this new treatment will help. As an adult eczema is not fun but I cannot think of how bad it is for being her age.