Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Little Bit Of Everything

No pics today, my camera memory car dis full and i need to get to the store to get it unloaded. I really need to buy a memory card with more pics. I don't trust our computer enough to delete the pics from the camera, and i don't want to lose any pics! What a busy weekend! Sat was hectic, i had the kids up and out the door to go to Trey's 9 am soccer game (Johnny had to go work on his side job) only to get there and be told it was scheduled wrong and the game was now at 1 pm. I worked a few hrs at the dr's office for another lady on Sat afternoon before going to Chilis that evening. I think it is about time to give up my closing shifts because the evening wears me out enough without having to do all the cleaning at the end! Sunday evening i got my rear end kicked at Chilis, i have a section with 10 tables on Sunday nights, and every one of them was filled so i was running my tail off!! It paid well in the end though. I had a dr's appt on Monday. Raegan is doing good (getting quite aggressive with the kicking i might add! I have gained 19 lbs so far. Yikes, i'm sure i will probably hit 40 just like my othere pregnancies. I just hope this little girl doesn't want to outdo her sister in size (9.2 lbs) ! I wouldn't mind having a 7 pounder for a change! Avery had a day of shots yesterday, she had to get her second booster for chickenpox becasue they require that now and then started her allergy inj ysterday afternoon. She was a very big girl, i was proud of her! They had a meeting with us and taught us how to use epi pens, and a whole lot of other info. Anyway that's been what we have been up to this past weekend.


Michelle said...

I don't blame you for wanting a 7-pounder. Joey was 8 pounds, and that seemed big enough, let alone 9 pounds! It doesn't seem possible that someone as little as you could have a 9 pounds baby! Don't worry about the weight...you are so good about taking it off every time...and you'll be active enough with four little ones that it will come right off! :)

Val said...

Let's put things into perspective for a moment. A 5 lb. baby is going to hurt, a 7 lb. baby is going to hurt, a 9 lb. baby is going to hurt... =) Just kidding.

I didn't know Avery was a biggin' when she was born. I was too. 9lb oz. Anyway, Michelle's right about the weight. Enjoy all the eating enjoyment now and you can worry about the weight later! I suggest the bike riding. You had killer legs that summer you were bike riding so much (Don't think I'm weird...Johnny told me to look. =)