Thursday, May 10, 2007

Raegan's First Gift

Yes, for those of you with an eye for detail we are spelling Raegan's name differently. This is how we plan to spell it now. I had been going back and forth since we had decided on the name and right now this is what I like, i guess i have 3 months before i have to make the final decision. Johnny says "i don't care how you spell it, so he is not a lot of help in the decision making. A lady in our church (Twyla, for those of you her know her) made this adorable dress for her. She had brought some pattern books a while back and let us pick out a pattern that we liked and believe it or not Johnny picked out the COLOR! He didn't want any pink for Avery when she was a baby, but he obviously has had a change of heart. Guess that is what having a little girl will do to you. Anyway, a big thank you to Twyla Kitchen for this sweet little dress, we love it!


Val said...

What a sweet little dress! Dresses like that make the anticipation of a girl so much fun.

I love how you're spelling Raegan's name. You know, it never occured to us to spell Mackenzie's name differently, but I kind of wish we had considered it. Last year, it was the nations leading name for the most alternative spellings. I think there were like 43 different spellings! Anyway, yeah, I like the ae.

Paula said...

Cute spelling!! Now Twyla needs to make my little girl a sweet dress. Ha,ha.