Thursday, May 24, 2007

Schools Out!!

Tuesday was Avery's last day of kindergarten and today was Trey's last day of 2nd grade. We are officially on summer break. The kids are counting the days till we go to Colorado. They cannot wait to go hiking! We will see how well i do keeping up with them with this big belly! We have a very busy summer planned! Trey will be getting his tonsils out the first week of June and then later in June is our Colorado trip with my entire side of the family minus Johnny :( ,to celebrate my Mom and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary. He will be staying home and holding down the fort since he will be heading to the Phillippines for a basketball missions trip later. He is very excited about that, and i am excited for him that he will be able to have that experience one more time. And then if everything goes as planned we will be ending our summer or i should say starting our school year off with our big celebration of an addition to our family. (Raegan is due the week school starts)Anyway, there should be lot's of good times and memories made. I'm looking forward to it.

Right now we are having a bit of a glitch with the switch of computers and downloading pics, so you will have to read my babblings without any photos for a bit.


Paula said...

Ramblings are fun to read! I'm sure you will catch up on your pics ASAP. :)

Chris & Roxy said...

I love to read your ramblings--with or without the pics. Your summer sounds very busy. I hope that high altitude doesn't send you into labor--Ha! Our kids got of school on Wednesday the 23rd. They are already bored!! Wanna take a couple extra kids with you to colorado---or maybe Johnny would like to take them to the Phillipines??? :)

Val said...

YES, send the kids with Johnny over here! We'd take great care of them, (and you could have a sweet break....I guess that would be an expensive break for you, though.)

I went hiking when I was seven months pregnant too. I thought it would be a leisurely jaunt up a hill. No, no, it was a two hour hike up a steep-ish mountain. It was great, though. You guys will have a fantastic time!

Jen said...

Yea--the kids are out of school!!! That means we can get together for lunch sometime soon, right??? :) I'll even gladly come to your side of town! :) And I don't mind the "no photos" blogs eitherj...just love to hear what's happening!