Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Destructive Morning

I worked last night so i was catching up on one of my favorite shows "Prison Break", and thought Ethan was playing nicely in the other room. That's what i get for thinking...I came out to find him coloring his daddy's yearbook with an orange marker. Not till later did i find what all else was orange, which i really wasn't in the mood to take pictures of at the time! (Thank goodness for the magic eraser!!!) Let's just say i spent awhile going around the house scrubbing. He did get ahold of one of Trey's school library books and ripped the first page out and added some color to the book! And then i found the broken blind to top off my morning! As i was cleaning, i said "oh Ethan, what am i going to do with you?" Avery chimed in " I think you mabye should take him to the doctor mommy and see what's wrong with him."


Jen Dixon said...

Sorry Elisa, but I had to laugh at that one! I've heard that the third child is the most challenging and Ethan sounds like he is proving that theory! :) What a little ham though!!! He is so adorable! I loved what Avery said about taking him to the Doctor....HILARIOUS! ~miss you guys! ...hope we can get together sometime soon.

Val said...

Hey Lisa! I didn't know you guys have a blog. I saw it on Michelle's new blog. I love it! Great stories. Those kiddos get more and more cute every time I see them.

We're looking forward to having Johnny come this summer. We'll take care of him for you. =)

You can see my blog at www.thrilla-in-manila.blogspot.com

Michelle said...

I realized I had typed in your blog address wrong on my blog, but I changed it to the right one.
It has been fun getting started on blogging. It is so much easier than e-mailing everyone pictures. Let us know when that weekend in April is that John is coming. We would love to have your whole family come visit. It would be great!!