Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 5

This is sick day 5 for Trey. The dr called yesterday and his test came back positive for influenza A. He has been drinking fluids for us pretty good but we can't get him to eat yet. He must be pretty achy because he will not walk anywhere in the house without help. His fever stayed down around 100 yesterday afternoon and evening but is back up to 102 today. Apparently the flu shot really helped Avery becasue she is acting like she feels better today and doesn't have a fever. The kids school was cancelled today due to the snow and they are out the rest of the week for conferences so i guess if they were going to get sick it was a good week to do it.

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Grandpa Neir said...

I hope you will soon be well. I'm praying for you.
Grandpa Neir