Saturday, December 28, 2013

Salty Dog/Pup triathlon 2013

Back in August we went to Hutchinson for the Salty Dog/ Pup triathlons. Last year Avery inspired me to try my first triathlon. I have done duathlons (run, bike, run) but throw the swimming part in and that quickly became a big challenge to me. I am not a! 

I practiced over the summer by swimming laps at the pool before collapsing in a chair for the rest of the day! The swim portion was done in a pool which was the only reason i didn't drown!

Avery participated in the pup triathlon again this year. She is a strong swimmer unlike her mom!

so happy to be done with this part!

on to the bike was a loop course which we had to loop 5 times. If you missed a loop or miscounted you were disqualified so i was worried about that...the solution was putting 5 pieces of tape on my gears and i just took one off each loop. You would think it wouldn't be hard to keep track of which loop you were on but you would be surprised!

Avery finishing the bike portion. Her goal this year was to remember to put her pants on before the bike...she cracks me up! She remembered her pants! Mission accomplished Avery!

Avery in transition...

Me finishing up the bike...when John went to get my bike later my tire was obliterated so i am really happy that i even finished the bike portion! I had no idea there was anything wrong with my tire!

Avery coming in to the finish!

Me coming in to the finish...

I love this picture because my Mom is there in the red cheering me on and my Dad is back behind her! I know she would be at all of my races if she could! Love my supportive parents!

Thank you Avery for inspiring me to complete this! I don't know if i will be doing another one anytime soon but it is one thing i can check off the bucket list!

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