Monday, December 09, 2013

Lazy days at the pool

This past summer we bought pool passes again like we have for the past 5 or so summers. The summer started out pretty cool so it didn't seem like we went very much for the first part of the summer. We still got our money's worth for sure and spent plenty of lazy days out there. I remember going to the pool being stressful trying to keep track of little ones and keep everyone entertained. The most stressful thing about it now is only the constant begging for snacks...every year has gotten easier and easier! I used to see ladies with books and think "boy that must be the life" and now i am that person, and yea it's kinda nice! :) 
I'm not very often found with a book though, i would rather chat with my sisters than sit and read but i could if i wanted to!

The kids waiting in line so that Mom can get some good chairs :)

What would pool time be like if they didn't sell nachos?!? I'm sure my kids and their cousins wouldn't even know what to do!

Ethan and Eli...two characters!

Swimming isn't the only thing you can do at the pool...Malia and Avery

Meredith, Avery, Malia and Maggie

Since it is a high of 18 degrees today as i put these pictures on i am getting anxious for next summer and out pool days!!

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