Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another season at the parks

We bought season passes to WOF/OOF this past summer again. We decided to buy the platinum passes this time because it got us in to all Cedar Fair Parks which is where we went on vacation so it was well worth the money. We spent more days at OOF this year than we have in years past, mostly because as the youngest two have gotten older it has gotten soo much easier!

The kids loved the kayaking!

Ethan handled his kayak like a pro

Trying to get a decent picture of all 4 at the same time is quite the challenge these days!

Raegan wanted a picture of Mommy and her favorite ride...i love the Prowler!

Oh wait...did i get 4 smiles???

Raegan decided to try this ride this year...let's just say it didn't go very well and she cried the whole time. But, she did it! Probably never again though! 

We had some great times! The part i like the most about having season passes is being able to just go for a few hours at a time and when we are tired, hot or hungry we can leave and not feel like we are wasting money!

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