Thursday, March 01, 2012

This and that

I am going to go pre-enroll my youngest child in kindergarten tomorrow... it's starting to hit me a little bit. I am going to be a wreck next August on her first day. She is more than ready, i am ready and looking forward to having a few hours to myself everyday but the reality that all the kids will be in school....there is of course a little sadness that my days of having a little one home with me all day are quickly coming to an end.

Poor Taylor Swift, Raegan was making her beautiful but ran into a little snag...

Trey just finished up playing basketball with some of his buddies from school through the Y. He is having a really hard time with his knees right now. I finally took him to the doctor and they said he has Osgood Schlatters. Ibuprofen has been his good friend lately! He will be starting track soon.

This is what our kitchen table looks like every afternoon. Avery sits at the table to do her homework. Trey has a desk in his room so his books get spread out in there. I do not often have to tell her to get on her homework. She is always on it right away. I have recently had a lot of refreshing of the memory of 5th grade math! Who knew it would be like going to school all over again once you had to start helping with homework. The kids get frustrated with us sometimes and think we should know all the answers and i say "do you guys know how long it has been since we have done this??" And besides that they do everything different now anyway!

Can you guess what we got? We recently surprised the kids with a game system so there has been a lot of hopping around going on in our living room!

Have a great weekend!


Elisa Seaba said...

Just leaving a comment to see if it stays...comments are disappearing

Michelle said...

I can't imagine that feeling of having all of the kids in school! We registered Joey for Kindergarten last Friday, and he was pumped!

Jason and Sadie said...

How in the world did we get old enough to have our youngest going to Kindergarten? I am struggling with this concept! My twins will start in the fall. And I am already emotional about it. :-)