Friday, March 30, 2012


I might be weird but certain smells sometimes remind me of things from the past. The smell of lilacs reminds me of my childhood. We had a lilac bush growing up and my dad often had a vase of lilacs on the table. So, to this day i love the smell of lilacs! And now right outside my front door we have a huge lilac bush which at this time of year smells wonderful. The little kids have been bringing me little branches of lilacs, along with dandelions and some other little "flowers" they find in the yard and i have been keeping them in this little cup by my kitchen sink.

I tried disposing of some of the dead ones the other day much to one particular little girls dismay and ended up retrieving them from the trash can and putting them back in the cup. This morning i went out and got a handful of the lilacs and hopefully she will just think that hers "grew up"! We are going to go with that!

With pollen counts so high this spring i am amazed at how well my two girls have been doing with their allergies (knocking on wood!) But i am extremely happy!

Enjoy the smell of the spring lilacs or whatever your favorite flowery smell is...

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grammaneir said...

The story about the lilacs: Daddy grew up with a large lilac bush in the yard and they were special in his family(especially his Mom) because they were in bloom when his brother Edward died. They were your grandma Neir's favorite. Lilacs through the generations! Edward was born 72 years ago so they have been a favorite to your Dad because he knew how special they were to his Mom. Glad you love em.