Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Raegan's new favorite thing to do is to play on PBS kids. I lvoed how she had her blanket right there with her this day...

One more quarter of school! I am probably more excited for summer than the kids! We have been keeping busy. I took the kids to my parents over spring break last week. They played non stop with cousins and of course the week flew by!

Trey is still having a lot of knee pain. When i took him to the doctor they referred him to see a sports medicine dr so we have an appointment tomorrow. They thought they may want to do some physical therapy for him to help him be able to play some of the sports he would like to play. He started track yesterday and we are signing up for another session of basketball so he may need that physical therapy! :) He is growing like crazy which the doctor said dos not help this problem with the knees (Osgood Schlaetters) excuse that spelling, i'm quite sure it's wrong!

Waiting on our letter from the school district to find out if Avery get's approved for a transfer for middle school to go where Trey goes. If it is denied we are taking all 4 and moving them. (unless of course God opens a door for us to move into the district where they currently go)We are at peace and have prayed for God's will regarding whatever happens. The kids all know this is a strong possibility (due to a district wide problem and them getting really strict). The Two oldest have accepted it, Avery is actually excited about the possibility of a new adventure. It would be hardest on Trey because it would be his last year in middle school. Regardless of what happens i know everything will be ok. I stress much less than i used to about it!

John has been side job free for a few weeks now and it has been nice to have him around again. I am very spoiled. I went for a run yesterday late afternoon and when i got home dinner was on the table! He has been having high blood pressure again. He worries me sometimes. He has been eating right for the most part and is not a big stresser. He has been exercising too so not sure where the problem lies but i am thinking it is time for another visit to the dr. In the past he has had high blood pressure but them it was good for awhile...his allergies are bugging him a lot and it was last spring that his bp was high too. No idea if that could affect blood pressure but something i am going to check on.

I am training for a half marathon that i plan to run in April. I am shooting to get a new personal record and i have at least 3 shots at it this next 6 months so i have been training pretty hard and John has put up with it and been supportive as always. I joined a local running club and have really enjoyed running with them on the weekends.

That is just a little of what we have been up to. Hope you are having a great rainy (if you live around here) week!


Paula said...

Abigail loves playing on PBS kids too. :) I pray the school situation gets resolved in the best way for your family!

Katie said...

You have to let s know about the blood pressure thing. Jake has the same problem he eats right and exercises (except he does worry alot so I wonder if that's it) but still has trouble.
Praying for your school situation. I know God will take care of you. Another mom I know is having the same situation but is not handling it near so tactfully. God will bless because of your good attitude.

Elisa Seaba said...

Didn't know that Jake struggled with the bp too Katie. Weird.I will let ya know what they say. They are both too young for that! Thanks for the encouragement on the school situation!

Barbie said...

Raegan is so cute!

I hope that the school situation works out in a way that best fits your family's needs! God has a way of doing things we can't even imagine.

It's good to hear from you again! Have a great weekend.