Monday, July 25, 2011


First off, thanks to all who prayed for Raegan (and me)! We truly appreciated any and all prayers! Raegan's legs are doing SO much better. We have done a lot of wet wraps over the past week. Things are much more under control.

I did want to clarify because apparently someone took from my blog post that i wished my girls were normal. I in no way feel my girls are abnormal, i love them exactly the way they are. I only wish for THEIR sake (not my own) that they did not have the eczema, that they did not feel uncomfortable. As a mother i just don't like to see my girls hurt.

I know i bring any criticism/talk/gossip/sharing on by putting it out there. I will probably lessen the sharing of my blog. I probably do too much of that anyway and had already been thinking that...nuff said.

In other news we enroll the kids in school tomorrow...what?! No!

We will soon go to cool Colorado for Camp Gramma. Yay for cooler weather. I do love summer though and the warmer weather. It's just been super HOT so capris and a jackets sound nice!

We are soon to some major spring (in the summer) cleaning to hopefully get our house put on the market. So if you live in the area and know someone that is needing a cute little starter home, give them our name!

This is what happens five minutes after getting home from a best buds birthday party in which i'm pretty sure sleep was not on the priority list of fun for the boys...


Katie said...

I remember parties like that. I used to think staying up all night was so fun. What was I thinking????

The Lanker Family said...

That's exactly what happens at our house after sleepovers!

Glad Raegan is doing better!

Well I had a whole lot written out here but decided that prob wasn't necessary! :) I'll just have to call you!

Val said...

Gosh, i'm sorry that someone was critical about your post. I just read what you wrote and it portrayed nothing but love and sympathy for what your girls have to go through! How discouraging that someone would kick you while you were down!
I'd better just stop talking now, or I'll get a little too fired up. :) Anyway, I get how you don't want to share too much, but just remember that you're writing on the blog for your family's memories, not for other people. And it doesn't matter how much or little you share, people will always have opinions about it!

Anyway, i'm so glad to hear that her legs are doing better! :) sweet girl.

Elisa Seaba said...
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Elisa Seaba said...

Thanks Val, i will not change my posting on my blog! I totally agree it is memories good and bad that i want to be able to look back on someday...that i want my kids to see someday. I will however change posting my blog posts on fb...little easier for people i am not that close with to click on that and share with others a completely different tone than i meant the post to be. I don't think the person had ill intent or at least i hope not, just poorly communicated to others what i was saying.

Little Wifey said...

I know that you have nothing but love for your girls. You are a very tender-hearted Mother :)
Colorado sounds nice! I hope the weather cooperates for you & that you'll have a great time with your family!