Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July

For the 4th we went out to John's brother and wife's place out in the country to eat, ride four wheelers, shoot skeet and set off a few fireworks

Trey and Avery hanging out with Grandma Seaba....

raegan loves max. i'm pretty sure max loves her too. she has spent a lot of time at grandma's house over the summer so has gotten to play with max a lot!

trey being silly with the sparklers

ethan waited and waited for his ride so uncle duane took him on a nice long ride

we went and bought a few fireworks for the kids. ethan spotted a rocket right off so we got him that. trey had a rocket that he had at ethan's age that we bought for him and he wouldn't let us light it cause he didn't want it ruined. we took the wick? out and it has been on his shelf all these years...ethan wanted to light his and then took off running after it and this was him after he went and got upset that it was broken!!

daddy made it all better when he put it back together and now both rockets sit on the boys shelf

I'm not sure what avery was doing here but i just liked this picture of her. she is spending a few days with grandma and grandpa seaba right now.

raegan and cousin jessica riding the four wheeler

the girls...

we drove back home and watched the end of the local fireworks display that we can see from our house. I say the end because i thought they started a half hour later than they did so we saw the start of them from the highway.

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Little Wifey said...

Sounds like you had a nice fourth of July!