Saturday, July 16, 2011

Float trip

For the past 3 years we have joined some friends of ours for a family float trip. We head to the Niangua in Bennett Springs , MO. This year our friends have a fifth wheel so we changed a little where we stay. We had a nice shower house right close so it was perfect!

Avery was dying to jump off "the tree" that we stopped at last year...crazy girl!

we nicknamed these two "the monkeys" this trip. they couldn't get up in the trees fast enough. They even did the monkey sound on command

our trip turned into a hunt. Johnny brought his snorkel glasses and found soo much stuff. I opted for the looking from above approach. I did try the glasses but realized quickly i have major claustrophobic/having face covered issues...

we did the 5 mile trip this year after doing the 8 mile last year...we stop and hang out and swim a lot...

johnny kept me laughing as he would drag stuff out of the water. he popped up with this saying "anyone was to listen to some music?" not exactly what we expected him to come dragging to the top

avery acquired a visor and some really cute sunglasses

of course we found a trillion beads, so the kids were always laying claim on their picks. the boys each acquired some shades

ethan was getting into this...he wanted to go snorkeling too. that's how i like to snorkel too ethan!

daddy found ethan these brand new goggles

to the right of where the guys are is a tree and a place where the current takes the canoes right into the tree and most canoes tip over there unless they are really good at maneuvering. we watched canoe after canoe dump. Johnny was scouring the area looking for goods...

His list of found items included a brand new filet knife in the package, two very nice Coleman camping chairs...yeah that one had me laughing too when he pulled those up. At least 12 or 13 pairs of sunglasses of which one was a $150 pair of oakleys and guess which pair we lost within 15 minutes of finding...A really cool pocket knife, a bracelet, a lot of bungees and a pair of shoes.

Avery and Emma loved the ones they got...

It was a great time with good friends, good food and a fun float down the river!


June said...

That looks like so much fun, Elisa. We did that same river back before we had kids and almost flipped our canoe a few times. Next time I will take snorkel gear for sure. Great idea. :)

Val said...

That's so fun! We used to do that in college. I can't believe how much stuff you found! I laughed as I imagined how the stuff got lost and their owners reactions, especially with the boom box. =)

I love the pic of the boys in the tree. They look like jungle boys!

grammaneir said...

Great pictures and looks like you had a fun time. Nice to have those breaks each summer.