Monday, February 03, 2014

Random happenings

This is a random blog post with some pictures of carious happenings in the fall...

I wanted a good picture of Trey and his cat Cheta (yep that is how he spelled it). She is also know as "baby" by Raegan. Trey still believes that he can one day have this cat trained like a dog. At least he gave up on the idea of walking her on a leash. I have a love hate relationship with her. For some reason when i sit down at my desk she likes to come climb up my back and bite my hair. She drives me crazy but i love her almost as much as the kids do.

This past fall i called it quits to serving at Chilis. I had worked there for almost 9 years so having weekends free again has been wonderful to say the least! I have no idea why this picture ended up side ways but i'm too lazy to go change it...

Trey went to homecoming with some friends. He even said he danced a little (would have loved to have been a fly on the wall). He is really loving high school and has become quite the good student!

And then there was the day we went to get his excited he was...yea that is not the day this picture was taken. He missed it the first day so we had to go back the next day and he missed it just barely again! Thankfully, third time is the charm!! He is a good far!!

Avery is still in orchestra. She plays the violin. They had a fall concert where they could dress up. These are two of her best buds the past couple of years.

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Barbie said...

Wow! I can't believe Trey is old enough to drive! Congratulations to him for passing the test.

I can imagine how your weekends have changed, not working at Chili's. I'm sure your family enjoys the extra time with you :-)