Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Halloween 2013

Every year the school has a little halloween parade where the kids can show off their costumes to all the parents. They parade through the hallways and into the gym.

and the parties, of course the parties...

Raegan's choice of costume changed daily and changed again when we got to the store. She ended up being a little beautiful Spanish dancer (because of the pretty dress of course!) and Ethan was our handsome little pirate!

The oldest two haven't given up dressing up either. Avery spent the evening with friends...

Trey tagged along with us scaring all the small, i'm kidding he didn't scare the kids. Not intentionally anyway! He has since used his costume in his school video production class so it was worth the money spent i guess!

This picture i took the morning after halloween. It pretty much speaks for itself!

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Barbie said...

What a fun Halloween! I just LOVE Raegan's dress :) Great pictures!