Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The monkeys are all gone

Four years ago when Raegan went to get her tubes put in her ears we teased her that she was going to sleep for a bit and they were going to get the monkeys out. She lived on antibiotics for the first two years of her life with too many ear infections to count! Getting tubes put in was the best decision ever, i am pretty sure if i am remembering right that she has not been on one antibiotic since her last ear infection!! Amazing how those tiny little things can make all the difference!

Raegan came out a few months ago and said "i think i just took my tube out of my ear!" She had been scratching and had some wax on her finger and sure enough her tube as well! So, we saved it.

She had a tube check with her ENT this week and the other tube has come out as well saving us from having to have her go to sleep for them to take it out. Yay! They did say that she had significant scarring so they decided to do a hearing test because they suspected it may be affected. Not so, her hearing was perfect! Her tympanogram was a little off on one side which earned her one more visit to have that re-checked in 3 months but she has a little bit of a cold right now so they expect for that to be normal next time but want to make sure before they release her.

Also, in other doctor visit news...i had to reschedule the girl's visit with the dermatologist to later in the spring....why?? Because they are doing so well right now that i didn't even feel the visit would be useful! Amazing, because usually this time of year they are having to work us in for skin infections resulting from the eczema! Love it!!

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Barbie said...

What great news! I am happy that your girls are in good health. Praise the Lord!