Thursday, March 07, 2013

Snow days

We have had more snow this year than we have had in a very long time! We have had 4 snow days in the last couple of weeks! John and i both had snow days from work as well since the entire city just pretty much shut down! We went out one of the days over to a popular sledding hill to sled with some cousins. 

This was part of the area. Packed with sledders!

Ignore my voice at the end of this video! That was a "get up your ok, please don't cry that was fun right?!" sound from a mama

And, these were the pictures i got of Trey on our sledding day! Our fun day didn't end just quite how we planned! Trey took quite a hit in the face and hurt his neck. This guy was a chiropractor who came running over to check him out when it happened. 

Since he was feeling pretty nauseated and dizzy when he turned his head we took him to get checked out. They made him lay flat until they determined that his spine was fine...freaked him out a bit! The doctor said they were having lot's of sledders come in to the er that week!

He ended up being just fine thankfully, just very sore! I am ok with that hopefully being the last time this year that we go sledding because the snow is slowly melting away and since it is March now we are crossing our fingers that Spring is almost here!!


Barbie said...

How fun! Sledding in the snow, making lots of great memories, enjoying the winter....AAAhhhh.

I am glad Trey is ok!

June Duehring said...

one of the moms of some kids at Mighty Oaks was sledding with her kids over by Jose Peppers and hit something and broke her back in 3 places.