Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Well, before i start my Christmas pictures i needed to finish up my Thanksgiving and fall pictures! Story of my life lately on trying to keep on top of things and i imagine that is the way it will be from now on till the kids are grown. I will take the being behind though because the kids are growing to fast as it is!

For Thanksgiving we went to my parents in Hutchinson. A bunch of us got up on Thanksgiving morning and ran a 5k together, my parents included so that was in my book a great way to start the day! :)

We ate lunch at the church...

Raegan, Hudson and Ella playing a board game...

Avery playing Uno with some of the little ones...and that was the extent of the pictures i took. The rest of the time was spent doing some black Friday shopping and just hanging out!

The next few pictures are just random shots that i took over the past few months.

Our cat Cheta...the most patient cat ever! She won't put up with much but when it comes to Raegan she let's her do whatever Raegan wants to do. She will scratch everyone else if made to do something but if Raegan picks her up she just goes limp. Smart cat! We found the cat sleeping in her bed the other night and Raegan was asleep too and holding tightly onto her tail. One of these days i am sure she will have had enough and fight her but for now she is still patient with Raegan who calls her "baby"

During the election the kids voted at school. Fruit Loops got Raegan's vote!

We had some really pretty fall nights. One of our favorite things to do as a family is just spend time outside on the patio. This particular night we played games and had snacks. It was a great night. The days are coming soon when our oldest two won't think it is so great to hang out with Dad and Mom on a Friday night but for now they do and we love it!

We also had a furry friend that frequented our trash can and drug trash out every morning. One morning i was taking some trash out and i caught sight of him still inside! After having what felt like a mini heart attack and running back inside i went and put a block on top and John called animal control.

When animal control got there she calmly opened it and said "yep, he is just taking a nap in there." Whaat??!! I snapped this picture as she got him out. He was ticked off and wrangled his way off of her thingamijig and ran straight towards me (another mini heart attack). They apparently can't take them away, but just have to let them go right there. He hasn't been back for awhile...maybe he is hiding for the winter! I personally hope he lost his way to our house!

Aww, so that is the rest of our fall! On to Christmas posts soon...

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Katie said...

Can't take them away? Are you serious? That's no help at all. I guess you guys will have to try and be friends then, since you're neighbors and all.